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Vorlesung Intelligent Agent Architectures

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Semester:Wintersemester 2020
Dozenten:Prof. Dr. Andreas Geyer-Schulz;
Termin: -
Ort:Video-Recordings available via ILIAS


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Important Information:

The lectures are recorded on video and made available on Ilias course. We will offer live question and answer sessions on the contents of the lectures. These sessions take place during regular lecture hours (Wednesday, 02:00 pm). Here is the information for the first live-session:

Zoom Information for Live Session:

Time: Wen., 02:00 PM

Next Q&A Session: 16.12.2020

Join Zoom Meeting: https://kit-lecture.zoom.us/j/63714517334

Meeting ID: 637 1451 7334

The slides of this lecture will be improved and changed and adapted during this term. To give a preview on what is available, we provide the slides of the lecture Intelligent CRM Architectures of last winter term. All of this slides have the acronym ICRM in their file names.

The recent slides (which are relevant for the examiniation) will be posted on a weekly base on this server. They have the acronym IAA in their file names.


Inhalt Autor
Intelligent Agent Architectures: Architectures and Agents Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

The Taste Map Architecture Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Intelligent Agent Architectures: Views and Styles. An Overview of Architecture Elements Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Architecture Elements: The Module View and Module Styles Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Architecture Elements: The Component and Connector View Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Architecture Elements: Component and Connector Styles Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Architecture Elements: Allocation View and Styles Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Interfaces, Languages, and Patterns Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Learning Architecture Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Genetic Machine Learning Geyer-Schulz, Andreas

Genetic Programming Geyer-Schulz, Andreas